Powerology Portable Generator Integrated Solar Panel

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Powerology Portable Generator Integrated Solar Panel Product Features:

  • ► High-Speed Charging – Boasts with 62500mAh 300W QC3.0 PD 30W which equivalents to more than enough fast charging for your multiple devices. Input – DC 15V, 2A 30W, 11-24V, AC Output: 220V 50Hz, DC Output 1&2: 12V/5A 60W. DC Car Port Output – 12V/10A 120W, USB-A QC Out: 5-9V 18W, USB-C PD In & Out: 5-20V 30W
  • ► Enormous Capacity – 300 Watts Max Surge provides numerous charges to your devices. Charge your Smartphones for 10 times, portable speakers for 5 times, laptop for 4 times, tablet for 4 times, mini fridge for 3+ hours time and more.
  • ► Charging Multiple Devices Simultaneously – There will be no problem if your mobile and tablet needs to be recharged at the same time. You can charge them all at once in a stable fast phase of charging. No hassle. You can still add your tablets, and other devices and not fretting about the efficiency of the Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh for charging time.
  • ► High-Density Battery Pack – Built using best-in-class 18650 Lithium ion battery cell strategically placed and packed to provide Optimal and reliable power.
  • ► Outdoor Usage – Absolute power for the outdoors. Monitors charging environment and continuously calculates most efficient and effective power supply.
  • ► Solar Re-Charge – Environmental-friendly portable generator. Could be re-charge by the sun by its Solar panel. Charging Temperature is between 0°C to 40°C. Operating Temperatur is 10°C to 40°C.
  • ► Smart Built and Design – Has LCD Information Panel that provides infor for its Input and Output energe. Includes Battery monior as well.
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